Lice in your locks?

People take drastic measures to rid themselves and their families of lice. We can remove all of the danger, inconvenience, and panic!

There is no need to spend countless hours attempting to treat head lice yourself – we can do it for you.

There is definitely no need to expose yourself or your family to harmful toxic products! We use completely non-toxic products and take the time to ensure that every hair on your head is lice free.

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  • The dehydration treatment uses high volumes of heated air to dehydrate newly laid microscopic nits.
  • Our non-toxic enzyme treatment is used to saturate your scalp, and kill hatched lice.
  • Next we do a thorough comb out to remove all lice and nits.
  • Last step is to ‘nit-pick’ – we put on goggles and a headlamp, then go trough the entire head, in paper thin sections.
  • This is a visual inspection to make sure everything is removed.
  • $30 discount if paying with cash!


  • Please come with clean de-tangled hair.
  • We go above and beyond what schools and doctors do.
  • We will carefully inspect every hair on your head.
  • If evidence of lice is found, and one of our treatments is chosen, there is no charge for the head check.

*Long, thick or curly hair fee may apply $50

Bend Lice Solutions offers the latest  technology in the fight against mutant lice!



Besides the feeling of disgust, fear, and sheer panic, “Super Lice” – genetically mutated head lice, now in 25 states, have become increasingly resistant to over the counter products and prescriptions.

This has caused parents to over use the harmful toxic chemicals on their children’s heads. It doesn’t matter if it’s Super lice or not. These products do not remove the nit(eggs). Because of this, you will end up with a new generation of lice on your head shortly after you thought you got rid of them the first time.


An alternative to treating head lice with pesticides and toxic chemicals. We use an extremely effective device that kills lice and eggs through dehydration. 100% natural, chemical free and toxic free.

THE DEHYDRATION METHOD goes beyond what you can see with the human eye. Dehydration allows a more thorough treatment. In the first 24 hours lice eggs/nits may not be visible.  Bend Lice Solutions uses the latest technology in lice removal through a specific combination of temperature, airflow, time, and technique, kills all stages of head lice safely, effectively and very quickly.


Lice 101

  • Over the counter head lice shampoos can be highly toxic, entering the blood stream from the scalp. Many strains of head lice are immune to the chemicals you are putting on your head anyway!
  • Over 75% of the families we see have already tried an “at home” remedy; only use non-toxic, all natural products to aid in head lice removal; our products do not sting or burn the scalp.
  • Head lice cannot live on your pets (however, our enzyme spray kills fleas naturally with NO chemicals!)
  • Hot soapy water doesn’t kill lice & their egg (nits), only high temperatures of dry heat can dehydrate the lice enough to die. Or the freezer can kill them as well. For instance, put hair brushes in a plastic bag & freeze for 24 hours or place a favorite stuffed animal in the dryer for 20-30 minutes on high.
  • Head lice do NOT jump, fly or hop, they crawl utilizing their six legs. It only takes one hair strand to get to another head, that is why it is so important to spray a prevention spray & hair spray or hair gel on the head along with putting hair in buns & braids before entering an environment with other children–careful doing selfies too!
  • Head lice do NOT live & breed on your pillows, mattresses, clothing, couch, car seats or carpet; they need a warm, moist scalp where they can feed & grow on a human head.
  • Head lice crosses ALL socioeconomic boundaries and is not a sign of dirty, unwashed hair. It’s easier access on clean hair unless there is repellent in the hair from a lice repel shampoo or prevention spray.
  • Head lice is documented as the 2nd highest reason children miss school.
  • Head lice thrive in all climates & there is no season for lice-it’s year round.
  • Long hair is the most susceptible for contracting lice, which is why girls need to have product on even if their hair is in a long braid.
  • The answer to the question “How did I (my children) get lice?” is simple, direct head to head contact with an already infested person! Although uncommon, head lice can be spread by sharing clothing or belongings. This happens when live lice crawl onto the shared clothing or belongings that the infested head has been in contact with. Head lice have been around since the dawn of time, lice has even been discovered on the heads of 10,000 year old mummies!
  • Do NOT cut your hair, or buzz it. Lice will stay on as close to the scalp as they can making a short cut more challenging to thoroughly remove eggs. Nits (eggs) cannot live farther than an inch or two from the scalp.
  • PLEASE inform your friends & school otherwise if the same circle of friends do not get treated, it’s likely your children will get re-infested, also have everyone in your household checked.
  • Head lice are troublesome & irritating however, they are not dangerous to your health.
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Louce / Lice Up Close
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